Population & Household Characteristics

Bangladesh Recent population trends ·The report contains statistics on a broad range of demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population. Characteristics like age, sex and marital status, and household characteristics like household size, household income, of Bangladesh. Source : Bangladesh Government organization , UN and various NGO .

Population,household and Literacy Rate of Bangladesh by District in 2011

The  population size of Bangladesh is estimated at over 158 millions . The rate of population growth has been estimated in 2011 according to which the population growth rate has been 1.566%. The population of the country was 111.5 million in 1991 and it stood at 130.5 million in 2001.

Area, Population and Literacy Rate by Paurashava of Bangladesh

2011 data of Area, Population and Literacy Rate by Paurashava of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has 532 urban areas classified into eleven City Corporations and 318 Pourashavas (Municipalities) run by elected Pourashava councils. Pourashavas are further classified as A, B and C categories. Urban areas are categorized as larger city corporations or A, B, and C class… read more »

Sources of drinking water in Bangladesh

In rural areas, more than 97% of the population relies on groundwater for its drinking water supply. In Dhaka, 82% of the water supply is abstracted from groundwater that is free of arsenic, while three surface water treatment plants provide the remaining 18%.Groundwater is being severely depleted in Dhaka where the groundwater levels are dropping… read more »

Percentage of Bangladesh’s population by Age Sex And Division – 2015

  Percent distribution of Bangladesh  population by age and sex In 2015   The age composition of a population is a very important factor in determining its socio-economic well-being of a country. This table shows the household population of the SVRS area by age and sex in percentages. The SVRS enumerated 470124 males and 468628 females… read more »

Household Structure of Bangladesh_Interactive Chart – 2015 survey

Distribution of households by type of structure of living house and by locality, SVRS 2015 Structure of Living House and Living Space The structure of house or housing in Bangladesh was predominantly corrugated iron sheet (CIS) or wood made. Semipucca structures are more common in Sylhet (32.9%) and Khulna division (31.1%). Average floor space per household… read more »

Source of light and Fuel in Bangladesh – Interactive Chart- 2015

The study documented an overall electricity use by about 78 percent of the households in 2015 as against 68 percent in 2014. The remaining 22 percent in 2015 are solely dependent on the kerosene and other indigenous sources. As expected, urban people are 37 percent more likely to use electricity than their rural counterparts. Among… read more »