Nobonita Chowdhury

Nobonita Chowdhury ( নবনীতা চৌধুরী  )  is one of the most popular television Presenter in Bangladesh. She is currently working as the Editor of DBC News channel. Her news analysis show ” Rajkahon ”  gaining popularity Day by Day. Her approach to fearless journalism and analysis is Inspiring. She is also an outstanding Lalon Singer.

She worked as a  Producer/broadcaster in the BBC World Service, London from 2004 to 2010.  She moved back in Dhaka and worked as a broadcaster of  Ekattor Television, where she regularly presented the midnight news analysis show, ‘Ekattor journal ‘. Nobonita also edits a monthly, ‘Charbela Chardik’.

Nobonita is a Law Graduate from Dhaka University and did her MA in Human Rights Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies ( SOAS) , University of London.


As devoted music enthusiasts her parents made her an apprentice of music since she was three and half years old.She was blessed to start learning Tagore songs and more importantly the teachings of life from the legendary Tagore expert Mr. Waheedul Haque at the tender age of 8.

Nobonita has found the philosophical resemblance between the works of Tagore and the Bengali folk mystics like Lalon Shai, Hason Raja and others at a matured age and has started practicing and performing folk songs.

Nobonita’s first album ‘Ami Jontro Tumi Jontree’ has been released by Gaanchil records in 2007. It was a compilation of Lalon songs and the music was arranged by the famous rock musician Ayub Bachchu. Best friend and life partner Labik Kamal Gaurob is now arranging Nobonita’s second album which is about to be completed and released shortly.

Nobonita has performed in prestigious venues like Shilpakala Academy, National Museum, Rabindrashorobor in Dhaka and the South Bank , Rich Mix and Logan Hall in London.


Photo ofNobonita Chowdhury
Nobonita Chowdhury
(নবনীতা চৌধুরী)
Job Title
Journalist , TV Presenter
Organization Involved
BBC World Service , DBC News
Dhaka, Bangladesh,


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