The Delhi Resolution 1946



Text of the Resolution as adopted in the Legislators’ Convention held at Anglo- Arabic College, Delhi, on April 9, 1946, popularly known as Delhi Resolution Mover: Mr. H. S. Suhrawardy of Bengal

Whereas in this vast sub-continent of India 100 million Muslims are adherents
of a Faith which regulates ever)’ department of their life, educational, social, economic
and political, which is not confined merely to spiritual doctrines and tenets or rituals and
ceremonies, and which stands in sharp contrast to the exclusive nature of the Hindu
Dharma and Philosophy which has fostered and maintained for thousands of years a rigid
caste system resulting in the degradation of 60 million human beings to the position of
untouchables, creation, if unnatural barriers between man and man and superimposition
of social and economic inequalities on a large body of the people of the country, and
which threatens to reduce Muslims, Christians and other minorities to the status of
irredeemable Helots, socially and economically;

Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy

“Whereas the Hindu Caste System is a direct negation of nationalism, equality,
democracy and all the noble ideals that Islam stands for:
“Whereas different historical backgrounds, traditions, cultures, social and
economic orders of the Hindus and the Muslims made impossible the evolution of single
Indian nation inspired by common aspirations and ideals and whereas after centuries
they still remain two distinct major nations;

“Whereas soon after the introduction by the British of the policy of setting up
political institutions in India on lines of WesternDemocracies based on a majority rule
which means that the majority of the nation or society could impose its will on the
majority of the other nation or society in spite oftheir opposition as amply demonstrated
during the two and half years’ regime of Congress Governments in the Hindu Majority
provinces under the government of India Act 1935,

when the Muslims were subjected to
untold harassments and oppressions as a result of which they were convinced of the
futility and ineffectiveness of the so called safeguards provided in the constitution and in
the instrument of Instructions to the Governors and were driven to the irresistible
conclusion that in a United India Federation, if established, the Muslims, even in Muslim
majority provinces, could meet with no better fate and their rights and interests could
never be adequately protected against the perpetualHindu majority at the Centre”Whereas the Muslims are convinced that with a view to saving Muslim India
from the domination of the Hindus and in order to afford them full scope to develop
themselves according to their genius it is necessary to constitute a sovereign independent
state comprising Bengal and Assam in the North Hastzone and the Punjab, North-West

Frontier Provinces, Sind and Baluchistan in the North-West zone:
This convention of the Muslim League Legislators of India Central and
Provincial, after careful consideration hereby declares that the Muslim nation will never
submit to any constitution for a United India and will never participate in any single
constitution- making machinery set up for the purpose and any formula devised by the
British Government for transferring power from the British to the people of India, which
does not conform to the following just and equitable principles calculated to maintain
internal peace and tranquility in the country will not contribute to the solution of the
Indian problem:
(1) That the Zones comprising Bengal and Assam in the North-East, and
the Punjab, the NWFP, Sind and Baluchistan in the North-West of India,
namely the Pakistan Zones, where the Muslims are a dominant majority, be
constituted into one sovereign independent state and that an unequivocal
undertaking be given to implement the establishmentof Pakistan without delay.
(2) That two separate constitution-making bodies beset up by the people
of Pakistan and Hindustan for the purpose of framing their respective
(3) That the minorities in Pakistan and Hindustan be provided with
safeguards on the line of the All India Muslim League Resolution passed on the
23rd March, 1940 at Lahore.
(4) That the acceptance of the Muslim League demandfor Pakistan and
its implementation without delay are the sine-quanonfor the Muslim League
co-operation and participation in the formation of an interim Government at the



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