East Pakistan Battles Erupt: Troops Crack Down 0n Rebels – The Telegraph 26 March #1971- #bangladesh #Genocide


After the massacre of 25 march by Pakistan army in Dhaka Associated press reported ” Stern Fighting is going on with the EPR( East Bengal Regiment) in Dacca and the police ”  and a massage from Bongobondhu  ” Sheikh Mujiburl” Rahman, leader
of the Last Pakistani rebellion, to resist the enemy forces at all costs.”

Full Text of the report :

East Pakistan Battles Erupt: Troops Crack Down 0n Rebels


East Pakistan Battles Erupt;
Troops Crack Down 0n Rebels

Pakis-tan’s military government
cracked down on rebellious
East Pakistan today, and an In-
dian news agency reported
fierce fighting in Dacca, the
provincial capital, with _h_eav_v
Radio Pakistan said the army
had taken control again, all po-
litical activity was banned and
an indefinite curfew imposed
throughout the eastern province
of 70 million people.
The troops were ordered to
shoot any curfew violators.
The Indian govermnent rad-
lo said repoits from Last Pa-
kistan indicated “civil war rap-
idly developing.”
Radio Pakistan said the army
action was taken because “the
law and order situation had
reached alarming proportions.”
A United News of India dis-
patch from Assam said fierce
street fighting had broken out
in Dacca and the poit city of
Chittagong. The report said
casualties were believed heavy.
Another report said Pakistani
army troops had crossed into
Indian territory in the remote
northeastern btate of Tripiura.
But Indian army sources in
Calcutta said the report was
They said it probably origi-
nated from a misunder-
Monitors in Calcutta said
tshey picked up an appeal from
Sheikh Mujiburl” Rahman, leader
of the Last Pakistani rebellion,
to resist the enemy forces at
all costs.” The monitors said
they believed the message
came from Chittagong or
Sheikh Mujib’s message
charged that the army had at-
tacked two bases of the Last
Pakistan Rifles, the provincial
militia. at midnight. “killing n
lot 0t unarmed people.”
“Stern Fighting is going on
with the EPR n Dacca and the
police .” the messtagc eon-
tinued. “The people are tight-
নাঃ; the e.neniy gallantly for the
cause of the freedom 0i Ben-
gladesh.” the Bengali nation-
ahst name for lliist Pakistan.
Farlier today Pakistan’s mili-
tary president, Gen. Agha lilo-
liamnied Ynhya Khan, flew
back to Karachi from Daeca
alter a breakdown iii negotia-
tions with Sheik Mujibur Rah-
The president and the Sheik
had been talking tor ll days,
iseekting some arraiizement that
would satisfy l\liijib‘s ins.i’stence
on autonomy for East Paluxtan
and still keep the geogra-
phically divided country from
breaking apart politically.
Although East Pakistan is the
more populous sector. the West
Pakistanis have always doml-
nated the central government,
the army and the country.
When the military government
atlon ln the Fast Pakistani
eltles deteriorated. There was
tiring two days ago when a
mob tried to stop the deploy-
ment nt troops brought in by
ship from West Pakistan. On
Thursday troops in the port oi
Chittagong opened tire on
niohs, and unofficial reports
said 15 persons were killed and
75 were wounded. Sheik hiiiiib
eallctl a general strike tor hat-
urday and demanded that the
president “order immediate
cessation of such military oper-
tn reply, Yahya told the
army to crack down.


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