1963 Cyclone in Bangladesh

During the year three cyclonic storms and ten depression formed in the bay of bengal , of those four ware severe storms

 Duration May 25 – May 29 Super cyclonic storm (IMD)

The super cyclonic storms hit chittagong at 28 may but the previous day a ship M V wartenfels left chittagong port in 1400 hours ran into the storms and witnessed it  , clearly indicated that the storm is mature as the ship faced the eye of the storms . The calm condition reported by ship for twenty minutes . The lowest pressure reported by the ship is 919.9mb the pressure fell by 33 mb in one hour and by 19mb during the next 15 minutes till the eye moved across the ship .

This map shows the tracks of all tropical cyclones in the 1963 North Indian Ocean cyclone season.The most destructive One what struck Bangladesh Chittagong

An eye witness account of chittagong

” At about 10 pm we heard a howling sound coming from the direction of bay. an hour later the cyclone struck with blinding rage. roofs flew like paper sheets and people groping in darkness wind in horror ,

A eye witness in cox bazar said in a daily english newspaper


” cyclone came at 10 pm with booming sound from the sea . Angry winds reached in hawling like thousand cannons. the cyclone battered the coastal town for nearly eight hours at 120 mph . the worst time was 1:30 am to 4:30 am .

According to the press report chittagong patenga airport was submerged under 5 feet of water . More than 14000 thousand people was killed and three lakh people ware homeless .


Source : https://docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/data_rescue_india.html



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