1963 Cyclone in Bangladesh

During the year three cyclonic storms and ten depression formed in the bay of bengal , of those four ware severe storms  Duration May 25 – May 29 Super cyclonic storm (IMD) The super cyclonic storms hit chittagong at 28 may but the previous day a ship M V wartenfels left chittagong port in 1400 hours ran… read more »

1961 Cyclone in Bangladesh

The previous year 1960 Bangladesh faced three major cyclone but this year due to some advance warning the casualty was less than previous but still greatly accountable .   May 6–9 Peak intensity 95 km/h (60 mph) (3-min)  980 hPa   From May 6–9, the JTWC tracked this system as Tropical Storm Winnie The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)… read more »

1960 Cyclone in Bangladesh

  The 1960 North Indian Ocean cyclone season featured two deadly tropical cyclones that killed approximately 60,000 people collectively in  Bangladesh .  On average, five storms form in the North Indian Ocean every season with dual peaks in activity during May and November.Cyclones that occurred between 45°E and 100°E were included in seasonal records by the IMD. … read more »