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Its the collection of Important Article Concerning Bangladesh . As project to create a virtual database of key important publication , strategically important for Bangladesh interest .

For the vast collection effort We cant reach every Author and publication .
We hope everybody will understand our purpose.

RUIN AND RENEWAL IN BENGAL -: New York Times Articles about Bangladesh

RUIN AND RENEWAL IN BENGAL By Joseph Lelyveld; Joseph Lelyveld, a staff writer for this magazine, was formerly The New York Times correspondent in South Asia.   Published: June 23, 1985 THEY SPEAK ONE OF THE GREAT LITERARY languages of Asia. They embraced Western concepts and forms long before their neighbors, then pioneered resistance to… read more »

Behind The “RAW” Tirade

Published in : March 18 2017 Topic : Sheikh Hasina , Bangladesh , RAW,Indian Intervention in Bangladesh Politics . Writer : Subir Bhumik   Why would Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina fire a salvo like this ahead of her India visit in April by accusing Indian intelligence agency RAW and the US embassy of bringing… read more »

The History of Bangladesh in ancient maps

The Article is written by Tim Steel   The twentieth century American writer, John Henrik Clarke, observed: “History is not everything, but it is a starting point … it is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day.” He went on to describe it as “a compass they use… read more »

Alexander’s footprints -His quest for Bengal

The article is written by – Tim Steel To paraphrase the famous British military anthem: Some talk of Alexander, and some of Megasthenes; of Ptolemy and Virgil, and such great names as these … British grenadiers, of course, made their own military mark on the history of Bangladesh; and writers of the famous Roman and… read more »

Datis, The chief of Gangaridai – History of Anicient Bengal

      A fantastic writings about the history of Bengal the Gangaradia empire / Bangladesh by Tim Steel History hides weaves of connections of the land we call home There are thick layers of murk that veil the early history of these lands that are now Bangladesh. The most obvious layer is that of… read more »