2017 April

Nobonita Chowdhury

Nobonita Chowdhury ( নবনীতা চৌধুরী  )  is one of the most popular television Presenter in Bangladesh. She is currently working as the Editor of DBC News channel. Her news analysis show ” Rajkahon ”  gaining popularity Day by Day. Her approach to fearless journalism and analysis is Inspiring. She is also an outstanding Lalon Singer. She worked as… read more »

Area, Population and Literacy Rate by Paurashava of Bangladesh

2011 data of Area, Population and Literacy Rate by Paurashava of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has 532 urban areas classified into eleven City Corporations and 318 Pourashavas (Municipalities) run by elected Pourashava councils. Pourashavas are further classified as A, B and C categories. Urban areas are categorized as larger city corporations or A, B, and C class… read more »

Sources of drinking water in Bangladesh

In rural areas, more than 97% of the population relies on groundwater for its drinking water supply. In Dhaka, 82% of the water supply is abstracted from groundwater that is free of arsenic, while three surface water treatment plants provide the remaining 18%.Groundwater is being severely depleted in Dhaka where the groundwater levels are dropping… read more »